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Telecom Switching Mode Rectifier


SMPS2000 Rectifier Module

PRS2000 Series Rectifier Specification

Model SMPS2000 Rectifier Module
  Rated voltage Single phase 220 V
  Operation range 130 V ~ 300 V
  Overvoltage protection   If the mains exceed 300 V, it will be shut off automatically; while the mains return to 
285±10V, it will be restored automatically.
  Undervoltage protection   If the mains are under 130 V, it will be shut off automatically; while the mains return to
130 V, it will be restored automatically.
  Current =15A
  Frequency 50/60 Hz±10%
  Power Factor =0.995
  Voltage 48V (42~59 V adjustable)
  Current 50A
  Current sharing at paralleling =±5%
  Voltage stability precision =±0.5%
  Protection   Overvoltage, overcurrent, lowvoltage, short-circuit and over temperature.
  Other Data
  Efficiency =91%
  Cooling mode Fan cooling
  Operation temperature -10~+55°C
  Storage temperature -40~+85°C
  Degree of protection IP20
  Ripple voltage =200m Vpp
  Phosphometric noise =2m V
  Reliability MTBF>10^5h
  Load effect (load regulating 
  Restoring time of load effect 
(dynamic response)
=200 µ s
  Source effect (line regulating 
  Soft start time =3s
  Dimension 130mm (W) x 423mm (D) x 266mm (H)
  Weight 11 kg
  Electromagnetic Compatibility
  Conduction   AC input in accordance with EN50081-1 and EN50081-2 standards, DC output in 
accordance with EN50081-2 standard.
  Radiation   In accordance with EN50081-1 and EN50081-2 standard.
  Anti-interference   In accordance with EN50081-1 and EN50081-2 standard.
  Safety   In accordance with IEC950, EN60950, EN41003, UL1950, and AS/NSZ3260 standards
  Insulation Feature   Insulation resistance     >2MO
Input to ground            1.5 K V
Input to output             1.5 K V
Output to ground          710 V

PRS1000 Series Rectifier

CU2000 Control Module

  • Adopt LCD display of large size, and display of Chinese directly 
  • Able to control by keyboard 
  • With complete alarm, automatic protection function, able to produce acoustic and visional alarm.
  • Battery monitor function:
    • Period, manual, automatically equalizing, floating charging change
    • Battery on-line discharging test
    • Battery charging voltage temperature compensation (optional)
    • Battery charging current limitation
    • Battery overdischarging protection and twice power supply protection
  • With function of environment monitor and test (including environment temperature smog alarm, optional)
  • Input: 8 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs
  • Output: 12 relay outputs, 1 digital output, 1 analog voltage output
  • Support directly MII centralized monitor communication protocol
  • Adopt standard RS232 interface
  • Dimension: 210 mm (W) x 173 mm (D) x 133 mm (H)
  • Weight: 1kg

PR2000 Sub-rack

  • PR2000 sub-rack can be installed with 4 rectifier modules.
  • AC/DC distribution and intergrated transmission of systems information can be processed by single circuit board.
  • AC input connection distribution 
  • DC join togethers 
  • Communicate with control module 

PRS2000R2 Integrated Rack

The systems includes: 2 PR200 rectifier module sub-racks, 8 SMPS2000 rectiifier modules and 1 CU2000 control module. The output is up to 400A.

  AC Distribution
  AC auxiliary output: three phase 16Ax2
  DC Distribution
  Low resistance distribution High resistance distribution
  Load shunt Fuse 300A x 2,100A x 4 Fuse 300A x 2,100A x 4
Fuse 36A x 2,16A x 6 Fuse 16A/45mO x 54
  Battery shunt Fuse 400A x 2 Fuse 400A x 2
  Lead-out mode Upper lead-in
Upper lead-out
Upper lead-in
Upper lead-out
  Other data
  Dimension 600 mm (W) x 600 mm (D) x 1600 mm (H) 600 mm (W) x 600 mm (D) x 2000 mm (H)
  Weight 200 kg (not include rectifier module) 250 kg (not include rectifier module)